About Us


We're one of Australia's most innovative eCommerce organisations, with a track record of product quality and customer support for all products we distribute online for the past 3 years.

Based in Sydney, Being Competitive and driven, we provide our customers with an innovative shopping experience everyday. We aims at provide most up the trend and innovative product ranges in sportswear, electronic gadgets, etc..

By building fulfilling relationships with suppliers, developing a world class IT platform and investing in our supply chain, we consistently deliver results in a competitive marketplace.

Our ability to identify opportunities and turn great ideas into reality is welcoming all the participator(s) along the supply chain to work with us together to create and build a better online shopping experiences and product niches. We look forward to hearing from you!


    We think the high street and expensive designer brands give consumers a raw deal. That's because everyone along the way takes a cut, from manufacturer(s) to importer(s)-distributor(s). And you - our discerning customer - pay for that cut. So we're making a stand: taking on the high street to offer you original  design at affordable prices. Here's how we do it differently:



    No physical stores. No middlemen. We're just a passionate team bringing a new way to cut deals: cutting out the fuss so you can get beautifully made items at a price to suit you.

    pricing icon OUR PRICING

    Without the middleman we connect you directly with designers, giving you designer furniture at affordable prices.


    We work with original manufacturer(s) to create our unique collection. And then we find the best materials to make it - often the same people who make products for top high street brands.


    delivery icon DELIVERY

    Our product is different from what you see from high street retailer(s), so it can take a little longer to arrive than a 'high street' buy. It's a trade-off - but we believe the quality of the design, the beautiful made and the unbeatable price are worth the wait.

    tracking icon REAL TIME TRACKING

    You can keep an eye on your order every step of the way - while it's being made, and while it's being shipped. And if anything changes, we'll be in touch.

    returns icon FUSS-FREE RETURNS

    We're sure you will like it, but if not, you can return it to us within seven days of delivery for a refund. Simply contact us with a brief explanation. You should read our terms and conditions for more information on returns & refunds.